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With us, you can experience sailing like never before. We plan a host of sailing tours across the expanse of mighty oceans – explore the different side of the seas, the one which you can’t explore by merely standing at the shore!

Robert oliver

Co-Founder and CEO

I’ve been an avid sailor all my life. And Sailing has taught me so many life lessons. I thought why not set up a platform to allow other people to experience the magic which sailing brings along. And here we are wit– North Beach Yachts! Along with the sea, Enjoy, Explore and Discover yourselves too!

Robert oliver

best charter destinations


Get up close and personal with the Caribbean islands!

South America

Venture into the deep seas of South America.


Sail into the pleasant climate of the Mediterranean.

Indian Ocean

Home to a host of marine species – watch them closely as you sail by!



I have fallen in love with the seas. I’ve fallen in love with sailing – all thanks to you for this newfound passion of mine! I wonder where I was all these years, leaving sailing unexplored! But now, it’s happening and I’m loving it!

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Europaplein 22, 1078 GZ Amsterdam, Netherlands

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