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With us, you can experience sailing like never before. We plan a host of sailing tours across the expanse of mighty oceans – explore the different side of the seas, the one which you can’t explore by merely standing at the shore!

Robert oliver

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I’ve been an avid sailor all my life. And Sailing has taught me so many life lessons. I thought why not set up a platform to allow other people to experience the magic which sailing brings along. And here we are wit– North Beach Yachts! Along with the sea, Enjoy, Explore and Discover yourselves too!

Robert oliver

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Get up close and personal with the Caribbean islands!

South America

Venture into the deep seas of South America.


Sail into the pleasant climate of the Mediterranean.

Indian Ocean

Home to a host of marine species – watch them closely as you sail by!



I have fallen in love with the seas. I’ve fallen in love with sailing – all thanks to you for this newfound passion of mine! I wonder where I was all these years, leaving sailing unexplored! But now, it’s happening and I’m loving it!

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How to Solo Drive a 100 Foot Power Yacht: 5 Steps

Would you like to drive a 100-foot Power yacht by yourself? There is a way to do it in a few necessary steps. These directions will help you to get started, powering the ship away from the dock and around the harbour. In the end, you will safely return the boat to the pier.


Doing actual research about the yacht is very important. Spend time to practice operating the radio, communications and the safety equipment.

You need to apply for your operator’s license so that you can activate the radios legally. You need to know who needs this kind of license, and how you can obtain one for yourself. There are specific safety courses that you need to attend if you want to operate a boat.

Learn to operate the steering controls

Most boats have a steering wheel and two throttles. Learn to do the differential steering, when you need to turn the yacht in a tight area. You advance the left throttle slowly while retarding the right throttle at the same amount. Doing differential steering correctly will make you turn the boat without moving it forward or backwards. To perfect this steering will take a long time, diligence and patient practice. The engines alone can steer the ship at slow speeds. You will be at the mercy of the wind and tides, so it is a technique that needs study.

Leaving the dock

Your crew members are critical. You will require a dock hand to untie the yacht from the pier and when you return to the dock.

Learn to cruise

When you have nailed down the procedure of controlling the yacht, you must try to cruise in a straight line. To enable you to do this you need to use the only partial throttle. Partial throttle must be equal to both engines. You must use your steering wheel for direction control. When something is in the way that you must reduce the throttles to slow the yacht down. To stop sharply, you will need to reverse both engines equally just enough to stop the forward motions. That is where you will need differential steering to hold the position.

Returning to the dock

Docking is one of the most challenging techniques to master. It is also the most dangerous. This technique will take a lot of practice with experienced skippers. Extensive damage will result if you do this incorrectly. When you practice docking, make sure that the wind is very calm. When you dock on the port side, use the starboard engine forward and at the rear and repeat the exercise. This procedure should move the boat to anchor to the port side slowly. When there is a little wind, you will need a dock crew. If the ship has side thrusters, this might help to move the boat sideways and help to dock a lot smoother.

Nothing can be done without practice, to drive a boat around the harbour is not an easy thing. Five steps in training can take ages before you get perfect at it.

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